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About doc2doc

Welcome to doc2doc, an online community connecting healthcare professionals from around the world.

What is doc2doc?

doc2doc is an professional networking community for healthcare professionals worldwide. It is an independent, secure medium of communication aiming to improve the working lives of doctors and other healthcare professionals, and the healthcare of their patients. doc2doc is a place where healthcare professionals can meet and talk about their clinical and non-clinical interests on discussion forums, blogs, or through direct contact with other members. doc2doc can be used to organise hospital events, create study groups, get in touch with old colleagues, and find new colleagues to collaborate with. There are blogs, clinical forums, off duty (travel, books, cycling etc) forums, an online journal club, polls, e-books, and much more.

Who runs doc2doc?

doc2doc is provided by The BMJ. The BMJ is a trusted global medical publisher which provides a wide range of products and services to improve the decisions healthcare professionals make every day.

doc2doc is run by its community manager, community clinical editor, and editor, all of whom are based at The BMJ's London office.

Pluck provides the technology for doc2doc.

What can I do on doc2doc?

  • Forums: you can start, follow, or join discussions on various clinical and non-clinical topics. [If you are a registered doctor, you will be able to access doctors' only forums (closed clinical forums), where you can discuss clinical problems and seek advice from other doctors.]
  • Blogs: you can write, follow, or comment on blogs.
  • Friends: you can search for members by their real name/country/specialty, and invite members to be your friends.
  • Private messaging: you can send private messages to and receive private message from other members.
  • Public messaging: you can leave public messages for members if their persona allows for it.

Who are the founder members?

doc2doc's founder members are the early members who made regular contributions to the forums and/or blogs pages. They were offered founder member status for posting at least five comments per week or over 100 posts altogether during the first three months of their registration. We are very grateful to our founder members for helping to build the site, and, to acknowledge their hard work, they are:

  • recognised on the doc2doc website
  • in receipt of letters of thanks for their portfolios
  • invited to doc2doc community get-togethers in London.

Is there a doc2doc advisory board?

doc2doc's advisory board consists some of our founder members, as well as other regular posters/bloggers. The advisory board is contacted when major changes to doc2doc are being discussed. If you wish to be considered for a position on this board, please email community.doc2doc@bmj.com.